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"Dream Big and Never Give Up"



With over 36 years of sobriety Wayne weaves a tale that takes you from the depths of his addictions to the finish line of multiple Ironman triathlons and all the mountains in between. 

He uses his many adventures to tell his story of redemption and God’s special love of people that suffer from substance abuse.

The link below is to a slideshow that chronicles the many adventures of his 34 years of sobriety.

The link below is to a Podcast Wayne did with

Sober Gratitudes (@SoberGratitudes)

The link below is to a Podcast Wayne did at the Stephens Center in Omaha Nebraska.

The link below is to the Library Dedication at the Stephen's Center in Omaha


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"In the process of training for my two Ironman finishes and all the long hours on my bike and running I often dwelt on how blessed I was to still be alive, let alone training for an Ironman.  It also occurred to me that my story might help others who are still suffering from the same addiction that stole 10 years of my life. 


God has given me an incredible story to tell.  It is a story of lost youth, hope, tenacity, and determination.  Most importantly it is a story of Gods special love for people that suffer from addictions. It is a story that never fails to touch everyone in the audience."  

If you would like Wayne to speak at your recovery center or church, please fill out the contact form below.  He does not charge a fee. He speaks only in the hope that his story might give hope to those still suffering.

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"I truly believe you have the ability to make your story a 'national stage' presentation to get your story out across the world. God has truly blessed you in a special way, and it is encouraging to see you follow through with grand expression. Within your own story, you have demonstrated the commitment and discipline it takes to accomplish this."

Brad Decker, PLADC

Counselor, Community Outreach Liaison

Bryan Independence Center

"The first time I met Wayne it was to hear him speak at our inpatient treatment facility. His story touched me and many in the room. I could see the heads nodding in agreement, I could sense the sorrow in the tears of the people next to me and I knew I was witnessing something/someone special. Now as I have gotten to know Wayne it is obvious that it is his calling to share his story and undoubtedly help others by doing so."

Michael Murphy

Marketing Director 

The Stephen Center

"Wayne has the ability to engage with recovering alcoholics and share his journey that has led him from crippling addictions to conquering mountain peaks and ironman competitions.  He shows us that even in recovery we can accomplish amazing feats"



Bryan Independence Center

"I was thrilled when Wayne accepted my invitation to share his story on my podcast. I knew he would share with candor and hope, but he exceeded all my expectations with regards to transparency, humility and integrity. I was inspired beyond measure with his story and how he told it. He did not hold back with his truths. It takes great courage to share about our experiences in our active addictions, and Wayne was completely forthright with great authenticity. He did great service for other men, showing how its 'ok' to be vulnerable while celebrating the joys of recovery. I am honored to know Wayne and grateful he is a part of my “Sober Gratitudes Team.”"

Sarah Elizabeth

Founder, Sober Gratitudes Podcast

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